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Gorgeous busty chick plays with tits in the nude

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Everybody loves them massive breasts and the more we like ’em when they are attached to extremely hot chicks like the one in this homemade video. She’s everybody’s ideal fuck buddy for sure and you’re here at GF Melons for some steamy and busty experience. This amateur hottie is a complete package. She’s got the looks, the fine body, and of course her delicious assets. It’s not just her funbags that she’s so proud of but she’s got one tight round ass as well. Like we said, she’s the complete package. Oh, and an added bonus would be is the fact that she’s so into making videos of herself while teasing in the nude.

She finds it more fun than going to parties and getting drunk with all the people who she doesn’t even like to begin with. She has a totally different kind of hobby and this is one of the kinky ones. Her favorite pastime would be playing with her cunt especially when she’s freshly shaved. She loves the feel of the smoothness and softness of her pussy lips and making herself wet is one of the things she does best. But in this video she fondled her big meaty tits, squeezing them like any of us would but we’d probably go crazy with those juggs and do more stuff with them than just touch. This busty chick feels very much at home here at for an obvious reason and she wanted you to watch her full video to make sure you will be begging for more. Enjoy this heavy-chested horny hottie in all her naked glory. Let your imagination run wild and be sure to check back for more of our big-tittied bitches soon.

Naked busty girlfriend teasing her online pal

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

You’re in for a wild and steamy treat from with this new amateur video. A kinky big-tittied babe who likes to have some fun on cam by showing her fine breasts and playing with them, is not someone to miss when you feel like playing with that boner while fantasizing about fucking some meaty tits on the bed.

This horny amateur bitch likes making naughty videos at home whenever she feels like doing something nasty and she doesn’t mind when her voyeur neighbor would take a peek from her window. Her neighbor thinks she’s unaware of him taking a video of her and jacking off to them so it’s one of the things which makes her more excited into sharing her homemade naughty clips here in GF Melons. At some point she even captioned one of her videos as being made for her avid neighbor fan and she hopes he could watch this full video of her too. She gives her all when it comes to anything wild and hardcore and you can see in these screenshots how much she enjoys putting up a show for her public viewers.

She likes to squeeze her juicy melons and touch herself while imagining all you pervs are holding on to your throbbing cocks in an effort to tame it but you’d explode a load of cum soon anyways because this horny busty chick is just too much and too hot to handle. Our heavy-chested hottie will be giving us more soon and is determined to keep you glued on the tube. Better stay tuned for the busty amateurs who promised nothing but some steamy good time.

Heavy-chested naked hottie fucks her cunt with a dildo

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Because she knows how hard her boyfriend’s dick will be the moment they wake up in the morning, this big-tittied babe decided to serve an entirely different kind of breakfast today by sharing this homemade video to her half awake jock sporting a stiffy. Instead of bringing her man some sausage and eggs, she decided to do something about his own sausage and eggs while still hot in bed. This busty GF Melons slut starting recording a video of herself while teasing and playing with her smooth shaved cunt using one of her favorite toys. There’s only one special way she’d always go for whenever she masturbates and it’s doing it in the nude.

Even when inside a car, she opts to strip fully naked when playing with herself because she likes fondling with those huge bare juggs and giving them sloppy licks and suck on them too. She’s as wild as the other big-tittied babes you watch here on but knowing her reason for making this video today earned her extra brownie points because now I’d be fantasizing about a hot and busty bombshell like her greeting me good morning each day with her wet cunt on my face. Don’t act so surprised if you find yourselves cumming all over your sheets even before you could realize you actually jerked off while half awake just by dreaming of this naughty chick. You should thank her for giving you a reason to not get pissed waking up on Mondays from now on. This big-tittied honey is one sure way to start your day right and it’ll be a steamy appetizing dish to go with your hard throbbing meat. And with those huge juicy juggs? You might even get milk with your meal.

Heavy-chested hottie masturbating on a chair

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

It’s that lucky time again when we stumble upon hot amateur videos on with some fine skanks sending off kinky energies. This horny babe for example, who just ‘graduated’ from making homemade porn using her mobile phone with not so nice quality to leveling up making nasty amateur porn through videos she records inside the bedroom. Well, the bedroom is only one of the many places where she likes getting nasty, but we all have to start somewhere, yes?

There are a lot of people, both friends and strangers, who keep admiring her huge breasts that she gave in to their request of exposing them in her videos since she have been keeping them in tight tops and skimpy lingerie. It wasn’t too hard of a wish to be granted while she got super horny while making this video and she automatically and without much care, opened her blouse, squeezing her tits while caressing her pussy. Soft strokes down there, making her snatch nice and wet. Playing with her erect clit and finger-banging her cunt as she finds it get not too tight for play.

This amateur slut admits watching a lot of heavy-chested bitches in GF Melons and says it’s about time people watch her and see her juicy breasts before she gets too old and they no longer make her lingerie stiff and poke holes through her tight shirts. She doesn’t waste any time, indeed, and we’ll be having one hell of a blast watching a heavy-chested gorgeous babe while masturbating, pleasuring both herself and every perv who is in-tuned to her amateur sex tape. Pretty rewarding when you get to give back to your community and make all those limp dicks happy and hard.

Hot Homemade Cock Sucking Action With A Big Busted Teen GF

Friday, September 14th, 2012

GF Melons proudly introduces us to Mitch, a brunette college babe who loves doing all sorts of dirty things with her boyfriend and having it all recorded on tape! One such dirty deeds that this amateur couple did is up on display on this week’s booby video updates! It showcases amateur gf Mitch as she passionately gives her boyfriend a wicked blow job! This homeamde oral sex videos was shot entirely in POV style and the camera caught great views of this slutty girlfriend’s epic boobies while she hungrily sucks on that big fat dick! Watching amateur gf Mitch suck cock like a pro is awesome, but seeing this real life girlfriend with her 36DD titties and those big stiff nipples in full view while she’s blowing dick is something just out of this world! You can’t get a better view of that massive natural boobies on this horny and orally skilled amateur gf!

There are more videos of this amateur babe and thousands of other hot real life girlfriends and ex-gfs armed with big tits inside GF Melons, where all horny amateur sluts have 100% all natural and perky titties!


Heavy-chested naked babe in a kinky dance

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

All of us get excited seeing a sexy chick dance in whatever kind of dance but especially when they are naked and showing off their huge breasts and hot wet cunt. This GF Melons video is going to blow your brains out with this sizzling who knows every inch of the word naughty having to dance like some pro entertainer keeping her balance and all that while she touch herself and grind that hot round ass for us. Choosing her spot to dance on is one thing that excites me in this video. Most amateurs will just do their slutty dance inside their bedroom or the bathroom and nowhere else but this hottie will most probably give more ideas to the rest of the big-tittied community as to where they can strut their moves and show off their naked bodies and those delish tits. Of course you came here for the big racks, which we like playing with and pouring our sticky cum on, but we do go into extremes and give you more than what you want that’s why you keep on coming back to, yes? This video is nothing like what you’ve seen in the past posts and we’re sure of it so you better be glued on it now, watch the full clip right here and enjoy all the sexiness and sluttish ways this busty naked babe has to offer.

Playing with her big round breasts and tight ass

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

When I play with a kinky big-tittied babe, whether fingering her shaven pussy or squeezing her breasts or doing both (which is most likely to happen all the time), it’s not unusual to prefer something silky and smooth between our fingers and their skin. I talk about satin lingerie that never goes out of style and it is still one of the factors that heightens sexual drive wherever we may perform our dirty deeds. Today here on GF Melons that is what we are going to watch in this video. It’s a busty honey wearing her sexy red lingerie without panties on for that easy access. Easy to put a hand underneath or simply push our stiff dick in through the right positions. Lots of fans here in have been requesting for videos where dudes are behind chicks while they play with their breasts and touch those moist cunt. We all love the feel of those butt cheeks squeezing our boner and making us moan a bit as we work our way to the front and keep on pushing ’til she gets on the bed and just go all the way fucking each other up. But of course you have to watch this amateur busty bitch‘s video to see what she prefers doing in bed before getting all banged up in all ways possible. Watch the full video here and come back for more hot sexy horny big-tittied GFs.

Big-tittied GF takes her panties off

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

GF Melons is back with another flaming hot video of an amateur big-tittied babe doing something kinky for us. She’s one of those who likes taking things slow and steady, coz she believes arousing the sexual senses this way can make the passion stay longer and will lead to a more explosive orgasm. Yes, this amateur bitch has been doing her research and am guessing she’s been browsing through a lot of Kama Sutra there. Well, for the most part, it’s all common sense that when we start with a nice slow foreplay, it builds up this energy that would make us feel more recharged and would last up to hours and hours fucking away. In this video, this sexy busty honey started off real slow, you can almost feel those fingers runnin’ down gently on your thigh, between your legs, and caressing those sweaty balls and stiff cock. You’ve got to fantasize this in slow motion to achieve that kundalini power or whatever alien word they use to describe a boner and goosebumps. Our sexy amateur big-tittied girlfriend right here sure has been doing her homework and she’s stripped her panties just the way I like. Not too slow nor fast, just the right amount of speed for someone who likes to play with his dick some more and not cum right away. I want to fuck those huge tits so bad that I ended up jacking off faster than the usual so I guess I’d have to be more patient watching this full video for the third time around. Visit often for more videos of busty wild horny babes who will give you the pleasure that you need.

Heavy-chested babe rides a cock

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

This is a really hot closeup fucking video from one of our avid GF Melons fan. The amateur big-tittied GF in this video is one hell of a cock rider and she would want to hump on anyone’s boner anywhere and any way she would please. I have been watching this over and over and each time I see those huge breasts bouncing and jiggling so close, I swear I can almost feel them slapping my face. I’d like to give them nice gentle squeezes and licks on those stiff nipples. Yum. I bet she would go squirming and moaning in delight with each hold and I know she will enjoy it so much that she would fuck my cock like she would her tequila bottle or that giant banana she’s been playing with an entire day. It is when she learned that she can actually fuck her pussy with anything huge and long and hard as long as she puts rubber on it so she won’t get irritated or whatever shit she might catch humping veggies or whatever. Anyway, this is a special edition from since this video is fresh from a busty amateur slut ready to give you the satisfaction for the first time here on the world wide web. She makes a lot of amateur videos but for her own viewing pleasure mostly but we are lucky to get this to day from here. Enjoy the full clip right here and visit us soon for more.

Naked busty honey masturbates in the bath

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Amazing how these babes can do a lot of kinky stuff when their friends think that they’re just this sexy mysterious girl-next-door type who wouldn’t shed a single clothing even when they’re faced with a light fun of strip poker. You don’t want to generalize especially with hot sleazy GF Melons sluts who aren’t just gifted with these nice large breasts for us to enjoy but they do like making videos of themselves while doing kinky stuff. Not so surprised, eh? Well, maybe because you do know how it rolls here, we just show you the kinkiest and horniest of them all. This amateur big-tittied honey didn’t let this one pass and made the most out of her horny state. She just came home from a sorority ball and she’s a bit shy to admit but very pleased to say that she did find most of her ‘sisters’ quite hot and sexy and she’s been dying to try some sexy stuff with them soon. Although this made her so horny, reason why she started playing with herself before she took a quick shower, she insists that she’s straight and just want to have fun. I’m thinking this video will make her an instant celebrity not just in her circle of sorority friends but in the fraternity ring as well. She’s wild and horny alright and she’s got these nice round big breasts to boot. Perfect package indeed. Watch the full video here and do check back soon for more. Bookmark to visit us anytime you’ll need that amateur busty babes fix.