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Naughty busty honey spreading her legs on cam

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

It all started with a joke this naughty big-tittied babe was told while hanging out with her boyfriend. They were eyeing some inked dude inside a bus and noticed that one of his tats is actually a frog. So, naturally, this playful skank’s mind started making up stories as to why the man chose such subject for his ink.

Her theories weren’t as fun and amusing as what her boyfriend had in mind so they agreed to stick with, since the frog has its legs always spread, the dude might have it as a symbol for his bitches who also has theirs legs spread out every time he’s around. This joke may be funny outside their bedrooms but not in these pictures. GF Melons presents this frog of a wild chick posing naked for her horny BF and spreading those legs to make him want what’s between them and jump right in, well, like one frog prince and just bang away. No need to kiss this particular frog tho just to turn him ‘back’ into a prince because they like the role playing part and fuck wild like animals anyways.

Our busty girlfriend is into a lot of nasty stuff when it comes to sex but she likes to tease first before she lets you do anything to her. She wanted to be in control at times and you simply have to let her tame that crotch until it bulges and begs for some wild action. She got excited to show off these photos where she reveals those big round tits and wet cunt. She’ll be sending more pics here at but be sure to view her full collection here too and enjoy that

Busty Asian webcam hottie

Monday, March 14th, 2011 welcomes you to another flaming hot episode of a sexy kinky babe exposing her nice big breasts. This time around, we got a naked Asian hottie in front of her webcam and that’s not the only thing that she’s doing in this video. These screen shots clearly show that this horny cutie is playing with her pussy and she is enjoying it. She enjoys it so much that she got the video shaking while she fucks her cunt with her dildo.

She’s got one nice angle when she filmed herself pussy-playing. Just the perfect angle to see everything and she does look like she is very much comfortable with her position too. This busty chick has a really nice and juicy pair of juggs. She even got wilder and hotter for playing with herself naked in front of the webcam and not just flash or squeeze and lick her tits. That’s a plus for this Asian bitch, being all hot and horny and just want to share her pleasures with all of us sporting a throbbing boner right now. You can watch the full video when you visit this link. Be sure to put GF Melons in your favorite bookmarks so you’d have an easy access to where all the wild and horny big-tittied chicks can be found when you need something to fantasize about.

Busty Asian double-penetrated by dildo and her boyfriend’s dick

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

GF Melons got thishot video of a big-tittied horny Asian slut who knows exactly what she wants — a dildo and her boyfriend’s dick inside her pussy and ass. First you can watch how she prepares her dildo by rubbing some sticky goo on it, which we call lubricants. Ok, this is not some school for the retard, but I have to tell you all the possible terms I can think of so you can ride on the same page with me. So, here she is, placing the damned vibrator on a friggin’ table and fucking away. And because her equally horny boyfriend is inside the room with her, waiting for his turn, he just can’t help but bang her ass while she humps the dildo. Isn’t this horny couple hot or what?

This is the kind of video that I’d watch over and over because I won’t tire of the kinkiness. It’ll definitely give me a stiff and painful boner – wanking off 2-3 times a day to the same video is not bad at all. It just means that it’s a fucking good stuff. It’s not rare here in, to get great finds like this, but this one is kinda unique in its own right. Better check out the entire video here and be prepared for something worth your sore hands, fingers, and cocks. And, oh, don’t forget a roll of tissue or maybe a box of Kleenex. You will need these bad.