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Gorgeous heavy-chested honey posing

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Welcome back to another hot GF Melons episode. We give you this sizzling photo collection of an amateur big-tittied babe, showing off her nice tits through wearing her sexy lingeries to really enhance more the huge size of her delicious asset. of course we’re talking about her large breasts and that’s what you came here for, right? The sample pictures you see in this post are just like teasers to keep your blood pumpin’ and your interest in huge juicy melons intact. We preserve those fantasies in the picture collections you see here on and we make sure that each and every wild horny amateur busty GF will give you the satisfaction you constantly crave for. This hot sleazy babe has got to be one of the sexiest busty chicks I’ve ever seen. Just look at those gigantic tits and tell me if you don’t feel like getting suffocated in between those fleshy part of this kinky babe. I imagined how hot it must look like dangling from her chest as I fuck her pussy from behind. And what more fun way to fuck someone using big breasts like these when you got the hardest boner in the room, eh? Oh well, you can think of whatever kinky stuff you want with this chick. Check out her entire photo selection right here and enjoy.

Hot babe displays her huge perfect breasts

Monday, December 26th, 2011 got this new sizzling amateur big-tittied babe who likes showing off her perfect huge juggs in photos she prepare for her boyfriend. But today we’re all lucky that she made an exception and showed us too what is supposed to be just for the eyes of her lucky BF. Her boyfriend doesn’t mind now since she does a lot more things in bed for him that she won’t do with other men (or so she insists). Anyway, let’s just focus on these hot pictures where she had fun exposing herself, flaunting her assets and even posing completely naked to make us even more horny and crave to do more on her but, yeah, this is the closest we could get. She is a really sexy horny catch, yeah? Just look at that nice toned body like she’s really working out way too much in bed, to get all those muscles pretty shaped up and her skin as tight like a virgin teen begging you to pop her sweet and juicy cherry. Well, what can I say, this busty amateur honey didn’t just display her breasts, she got naked too and spread her legs to give her pussy some warm loving and started fingering it for us. I could fuck any bitch like her I’m telling you. She’s just the perfect package for all of us who crave for everything sexy, horny, wild, and of course busty as hell. You can never go wrong with GF Melons if this is the type of slutty babe you’re after so check out the full photo gallery here to enjoy this edition more and visit us again soon for more hot pictures of kinky heavy-chested chicks.

Sexy big-tittied girlfriends

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Another one hot GF Melons edition in this jampacked photo gallery of big-tittied babes. They flaunt their nice large tits the best way they can to please us and make themselves feel good of course. All the amateur slutty honeys we have today will show you their finest asset and these will leave you hard and restless. Well, who doesn’t want huge juggs, eh? Even woman go crazy over somebody else’s perky or round and bouncy tits. Babies are the luckiest of ’em all but it’s a pity they got no clue whatsoever. Anyway, gathered all the photos of amateur busty girlfriends showing off what you came here for. Most of our chicks right here got their friends to take the pictures for them so they can hold their big precious breasts with both hands and appear more kinky in their shots, which they did so successfully. These busty honeys were carefully handpicked to bring you the pleasure you deserve because you’re our fans and we want you to keep on coming back for more of these sexy wild busty sex kitties. To complete your visit, check the full photo collection here and enjoy viewing these hot heavy-chested naughty GFs.

A mix of hot busty amateur babes

Monday, November 28th, 2011

This is going to be one of your favorite posts here in and we’re pretty sure about it. because today, you will be seeing all these hot sexy amateur big-tittied GFs flaunting their huge tits in all ways possible. Well, maybe not on some ways that you wanted them to but, hell, not one of them will disappoint you. We only share the best amateur busty babes and you will definitely agree with me on that when you’ve seen the entire photo gallery of today’s GF Melons edition. These three pictures will give you that hardon, what more, some 10 more pictures of busty bitches, eh? Let’s see… we have honeys who likes getting in their lingerie to enhance more those nice big juggs, pushing them up and making them a whole lot bigger. Some of the busty chicks here like it when they show off their tits while naked under the showers or simply selfshooting in their bedrooms, giving their large boobies a squeeze. While a few would take it to a higher level, be a bit more adventurous, and show her goodies while inside a car or wherever (except inside their homes). These big-tittied honeys will try their best to please all of us so all you got to do is head over here and enjoy these photos and come back for more.

Hot big-tittied girlfriend shows off her huge juggs

Monday, November 14th, 2011

GF Melons got one nice catch today, I might say, and of course we always do (I might add). Ha! But today is rather a bit more special since this was shared by one of our fan’s babysitter. Hmm… I guess this amateur babe never gets bored when she’s doing her thing in unsuspecting households, yeah? All she got to do is get her camera and whoever adult’s with her to take her photos and just show her nice big tits for the world to enjoy. You may be surprised to know that this is her first time to ever expose her breasts like this coz she appears a little more than comfortable displaying her boobs but, hell yeah, don’t they all get pretty much feel “at home” way fast especially when they like to tease and get us all horny? This is one hell of a sleazy GF I tell you. Good thing she’s hot as fuck. She’s got the nice large boobies to show and big round sexy ass to boot. I would like to take her for some babysitting sometime too. Then again, that will be a totally different kind of picture gallery that you’ll be seeing here. She’s now a certified amateur celebrity and I’m not surprised at all. A lot has been asking if she’ll be giving us more in the future and I think you will all know the answer to that if you would keep on checking back here to see if she will indeed show us more action than just display her nice titties. This hot amateur slutty babe will get a huge amount of tip from me, you can bet on that one. View the entire photo collection of this sexy busty chick here.

Heavy-chested babe in a nude beach

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Vacations are supposed to be memorable and GF Melons strongly believed that this photo collection of an amateur big-tittied GF is one hell of a proof of that. See these pictures posted here? Aren’t you gonna get totally hard and horny when you see something so sexy and completely naked while you peacefully sunbathe or swim in the waters or simply just wait for someone like her to pass by and complete your own vacation? You don’t even have to go to a nude beach to enjoy looking at this sexy busty chick coz has all her nice photos right here and we’re positive that you will find them all to be worth jacking off to. She’s really one hot amateur babe who likes showing off her big fine tits and even showed us her bushy pussy. That’s what completed this edition actually coz sometimes the busty bitches here just show their large funbags and not go all the way and show their naked selves. But this sexy babe did it not just for herself but for all those who drools over extreme hotness like herself. She’s got nice taste wearing her sexy bikini and she’s got even great taste showing us all of her in the nude and not thinking twice about it. Well, what can we say, huh? She’s got the right to expose everything coz she’s one sizzling hot amateur heavy-chested chick. Check all the photos here if you can’t get enough of her too.

Sexy girlfriends show off their huge breasts

Monday, October 17th, 2011

GF Melons is back and you will be loving this next episode as you did the other photo galleries that we had for all you big-tittied amateur girlfriends lovers out there. Oh, yes, of course I am included in the statistics of those who crave for huge breasts too and I don’t think I ever finished writing about them without jacking off at the slightest look of their round and fleshy boobies. I’m simply addicted to sexy chicks who has really nice big boobies that I can titty-fuck and grab and squeeze and watch get wet and slippery under the showers, etc. Yeah, you can almost anything with them. Today’s feature is no different than the rest that you’ve seen here on but that doesn’t mean that you will not get horny and fantasize about what you’re about to see here. That rarely happens, mind you. We compile all these hot pictures of amateur busty bitches to give you the pleasure that you came here for. Even if they’re just a bunch of busty horny honeys who pose and do nothing but pose for their cameras, they simply make us itchy and horny and just want to do something really dirty in the long run. You’ll find all the types of amateur big-tittied chicks in this post. Some wearing their hot lingerie, some in their bra and panties, and some just want to flaunt it all and go bare. My favorite is definitely the chick under the showers. Hmm… those huge wet funbags just made so horny right now am actually sweating all over coz I need to do something about this boner fast. Check back soon for more but you got to see the rest of the busty babes right here first.

Busty chick gets naked for her boyfriend

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Ready for another GF Melons edition, I see? Today we bring you this sizzling photo gallery of an amateur big-tittied babe who surprised her summer fling by showing off her large tits and the bonus part was when she stripped down all the way to reveal her nice hot cunt as well. Hmmm… talk about lucky, this dude must be in heaven everytime he’s with this kinky bitch. Being an amateur doesn’t get in her way to express how horny she is especially around her fuck buddies and this wild babe knows how to flaunt her goodies, which she did so freely and comfortably in these pictures. Oh, and don’t forget our favorite line: this is her first time. By that I mean, it’s her first time to share her hot naked photos as public as can get. Ok, I just don’t get what I’m talking about now coz am kinda busy browsing through this busty amateur chick‘s pictures and find my hard…err…’it’ hard to concentrate. I specifically love her photos where she’s naked in all her glory and she’s in the bath tub. There’s just something so hot (more than hot, I think) about a naked big-tittied girlfriend so wet and slippery from all the soap suds. I got this fantasy of a hardcore titty-fuck while her breasts are fully lubricated and ready to accompany my boner to heaven. View the full picture collection of this busty babe now and check back often for more.

Sultry babe shows off her big round breasts

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

You’re back here on for another steamy edition of yet another flaming hot big-tittied amateur honey. We bring you this photo collection of one of the best busty chicks in this site and I bet that you will enjoy all her pictures because she’s totally rockin’ it. She just got it from cheering practice and a couple of strolls around the block on her skates and to wrap up the day, she decided to take an hour for herself just being the sexy and kinky babe that she is. She’s one of ’em busty girlfriends who simply like to flaunt what her gifts are and these photos will not fail to show us all what her assets are. Well, yeah, since GF Melons is all about sexy amateur busty chicks, that’s primarily what this sexy bitch has, huge funbags. But that’s not all that she’s made of coz you will see how hot she is even if at times her nice round titties are all covered up, she still manages to make me hard coz she’s just a plain fuckin’ tease. You can see for yourself when you view the entire photo collection right here. Even in a hoodie, she looks fuckin’ hot especially that she’s got no bra on and she’s exposing her really nice and yummy cleavage right there. This is something that we’d all fantasize about, something worth the rough titty-fuckin’ spree.

Fucking a busty cocksucking bitch

Monday, September 5th, 2011

GF Melons is back and you will be enjoying another flaming hot picture collection of one of our amateur big-tittied chicks. As always, you will be seeing a sizzling slutty girlfriend doing her favorite dirty deeds and this time, this particular horny honey had a hell fucking time getting stuffed by her boyfriend. As the title states, she’s one of ’em cocksucking sex kitties who simply takes pleasure giving wild blowjobs while she gets what she wants in return and that is to get her pussy fucked with a stiff cock. ¬†What can you say, we’re in total luck here coz we got it all in a complete package. This amateur GF is a natural born horny fuck who would do anything to please her fuck buddies and this time it ain’t no different (she says). The special part about the entire thing though is that this is her first time to share her sex scenes here on and she doesn’t regret a single thing. It was all part of a dare when guys she slept with dared her to show her fine full breasts in this site since she was all too excited to show off her knockers and boy did she give us more than they’ve expected. Now she has to get ready for some hardcore orgy when all these lucky bastards see what she did in this hot picture gallery. I bet they’re dying to get this horny chick cum-drenched all over her big boobies. Check out all her photos right here and prepare to play with that throbbing cock of yours.