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Hot busty amateur girlfriends

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

We have been getting more and more fans of these amateur big-tittied babes and a lot more fans for each time we post something as steamy as this photo selection today. Sexy kinky girlfriends in their hot skimpy bikinis or wear nothing at all. Well, we do prefer the latter of course but since GF Melons only post pictures of the best busty honeys around, they will make you hard in an instant whether they are wearing turtlenecks and jeans or simply pose in the nude. Most of the amateur big-tittied chicks we have today for you are wild and horny enough to show you their hot naked selves. Just like in the pictures here, more of them like to flaunt their nice hot big melons and make all of us drool and pant like wild dogs. I seriously hump a chick’s ass or pussy like a fucking dog, and not just coz I like ploughing doggiestyle but because when I do fuck a skanky busty babe, I like ’em hanging loose and swinging back and forth at every thrust and give them nice gentle squeezes. Not to forget of course, the most loved part of the fuck session with a heavy-chested bitch is when we get to bang their giant tits too and explode all over these nice plump mounds. Watch them lick our jizz off and swallow the whole load. Yum. Check out the full photo selection here and enjoy our sexy busty sluts, giving you the pleasure that you came here for.

Playing with her big round breasts and tight ass

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

When I play with a kinky big-tittied babe, whether fingering her shaven pussy or squeezing her breasts or doing both (which is most likely to happen all the time), it’s not unusual to prefer something silky and smooth between our fingers and their skin. I talk about satin lingerie that never goes out of style and it is still one of the factors that heightens sexual drive wherever we may perform our dirty deeds. Today here on GF Melons that is what we are going to watch in this video. It’s a busty honey wearing her sexy red lingerie without panties on for that easy access. Easy to put a hand underneath or simply push our stiff dick in through the right positions. Lots of fans here in have been requesting for videos where dudes are behind chicks while they play with their breasts and touch those moist cunt. We all love the feel of those butt cheeks squeezing our boner and making us moan a bit as we work our way to the front and keep on pushing ’til she gets on the bed and just go all the way fucking each other up. But of course you have to watch this amateur busty bitch‘s video to see what she prefers doing in bed before getting all banged up in all ways possible. Watch the full video here and come back for more hot sexy horny big-tittied GFs.

Sexy heavy-chested babe posing

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Welcome back to another edition of GF Melons. We have this new picture collection of a ¬†sizzling amateur big-tittied babe who finally had the courage to camwhore with less clothing or no clothes at all. Yes, she said to hell with bikinis and tank tops when she is posing for something where men would prefer to see her entire naked self, her nice big tits and shaven pussy. But she didn’t forget to be a tease in her own ways of course, since it’ll be more exciting to see someone this sexy with something on even if it’s the smallest of linen on her body or simple pasties on her erect nipples can give us something to want to peel off. It’s not same as tearing off one’s wet shirt or skimpy thongs but it adds a bit of excitement in the slow and hot foreplay. This pretty honey, always on the lookout for sexy amateur busty GFs like herself here on got a lot of posing tips so she practiced a few times to get these shots right. What can we say, huh? Based from all these photos, I can see that she learned well and applied the tips and tricks pretty damn well. If any of you are crazy about licking side boobs and squeezing them, well, from the sides when you’re in public and you just feel like getting kinky with your bitch, then this hottie‘s own version will definitely leave you droolin’. Big juggs meant big side boobs of course and since her pair of tits are huge and perfect, there’s no doubt she’ll be creating the perfect angle too when she poses sideways. Check out the entire photo gallery here to enjoy the sexiness of this hot busty babe.

Big-tittied GF takes her panties off

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

GF Melons is back with another flaming hot video of an amateur big-tittied babe doing something kinky for us. She’s one of those who likes taking things slow and steady, coz she believes arousing the sexual senses this way can make the passion stay longer and will lead to a more explosive orgasm. Yes, this amateur bitch has been doing her research and am guessing she’s been browsing through a lot of Kama Sutra there. Well, for the most part, it’s all common sense that when we start with a nice slow foreplay, it builds up this energy that would make us feel more recharged and would last up to hours and hours fucking away. In this video, this sexy busty honey started off real slow, you can almost feel those fingers runnin’ down gently on your thigh, between your legs, and caressing those sweaty balls and stiff cock. You’ve got to fantasize this in slow motion to achieve that kundalini power or whatever alien word they use to describe a boner and goosebumps. Our sexy amateur big-tittied girlfriend right here sure has been doing her homework and she’s stripped her panties just the way I like. Not too slow nor fast, just the right amount of speed for someone who likes to play with his dick some more and not cum right away. I want to fuck those huge tits so bad that I ended up jacking off faster than the usual so I guess I’d have to be more patient watching this full video for the third time around. Visit often for more videos of busty wild horny babes who will give you the pleasure that you need.