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Hot sexy heavy-chested babes

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Compiling photo galleries of all these sexy amateur heavy-chested GFs here on is our ultimate addiction and we’re really good at it, choosing all sorts of babes who have power to make you think of naughty thoughts and do something wild. Well, we know what you wanted and that’s all you’re going to get here of course. We have these hot busty chicks who love to flaunt their assets and not shy at all to give you that satisfaction when they even go all the way as to pose in the nude and make you want them more. Looking at pictures of them in bikinis, wishing that their huge breasts would accidentally pop out from those tiny pieces of clothing is everyone’s fantasy and there’s no denying that these busty bitches are fit for that kind of a scenario given that they too have the big funbags that can be exposed in a manner that we all wanted. In today’s GF Melons feature though, you don’t have to imagine about naked busty GFs since some of our hot babes in this picture collection gave their all by showing themselves in the nude. Hmm… these babes in bikinis, tight-fit clothes, naked big-tittied chicks, you can never skip this one or you’ll miss a huge chunk of your lives. So head over here to catch them all and you will be coming back for more busty babes that will keep you company whenever you need help with your perverted fantasies.

Amateur busty teen displays her round juggs and fine ass

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 is always busy with all its busty amateur videos with all these sexy heavy-chested chicks who want nothing more than to please people who are so into huge round juicy funbags. You’ve come to the right place if you’re one of us and this video will surely make you feel very lucky that you even spent your spare time here rather than be your fuckin’ boring geeky self, playing video games and feeding your pet iguana. Well, the latter part seems more gay than geeky but still pretty much suicidal. Anyway, GF Melons caught this hot wild girlfriend going sleazy with herself on cam. She’s even more excited to see herself in this site, which she has been wanting for quite sometime now. For her, this exposure will boost her confidence in and out of the bedroom and yes, give her more sex appeal to all the guys that she wanted to share her pussy juice with. Sounds really tempting, eh? Not just tempting, mind you, this amateur busty hottie is totally delish in all ways possible. This video is not her first try but she liked how it turned out so this is the one she wanted to share with all of us. I would say, she’s one hell of a lucky novice too coz there are piles of videos that we’ve been considering on posting first but persistence do win by a lot of points so here she is. Watch her bump and grind, display her round breasts and firm ass and touch her hot sexy self. Click here to view the full clip and enjoy.

Sexy chick shows her big tits and hot ass

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Another hot GF Melons edition for all our fans out there. This is one hell of a treat especially if you’re an ass person as well. No, am not trying to say that you’re an ass, but this amateur babe isn’t only big-tittied, she’s got the nicest round ass that everyone will find delicious and worth the slaps. This GF tried to make her friends take her photos and make their own web page for all her masterpieces to show her fuck buddies and new prospects, you know, just for fun. But they never thought that this sexy busty amateur fuck has other plans that will surely surprise them and make them feel a bit guilty for not paying attention to her kinky dreams. So now, hundreds of people who will visit will be droolin’ over these hot pictures and would most probably ask for more. We have more than a dozen wild photos of our featured busty chick and all of them are sure to drive you mad because let’s face it, just by looking at these sample photos, you’re already shaking with excitement and wanted to see the rest of the collection, right? Well, of course we will be giving you the entire photo gallery, and there will be more to come. But first, enjoy looking at this sexy hot-assed busty cutie, love those curves, her hot twat, and you’re free to do whatever you want with her, whatever it is that you have in your fantasies now. She’s one perfect catch and she’s waiting for you to unleash her wild side.

Busty tattooed honey masturbating

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Don’t we like it all, watching amateur chicks do their thing on videos like no one is looking at them? The fact that this sizzling GF shared her clip to GF Melons clearly show that she’s one hell of a wild honey waiting to be seen by the entire universe. Oh, and not to forget, be fantasized about of course and be everyone’s cure for their perverted illness. This is a typical horny teen trying out her charm on anyone who’d wish to have a good time with themselves or watch her with someone so they can get wild and horny together and just go crazy over this amateur video. At first she only wanted to show her big juicy tits and be the hot tease that she is. She was a bit shy until she got extra horny and started touching herself, playing, and poking her wet twat. Those fingers must be so damn wet and sticky, I can almost smell sex on them and wanted to lick so bad. This busty chick deserve the spot here on for being the fucking tease that she is, showing her juggs and masturbating for us and aren’t we glad to watch her video now and have the chance to watch her over and over? View the full clip here now to get the most out of this flaming hot edition.