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Webcam chick shows her big breasts

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 has been a lot of requests for another video of some sexy amateur big-tittied babe and here we are granting that wish. This sexy teen just made this video straight from her cozy bathroom, using her ever reliable webcam. She used to make other kinky videos where she flaunts her nice big tits but since she is horny like that and would want to take her sleaziness everywhere she go, she took her cam with her in the bath before she hit the showers. So now everyone who comes across GF Melons looking for wild and horny amateur busty girlfriends doing all sorts of kinky stuff will find this video perfect to soothe those big-tittied chick cravings. This chick is one of ’em curious teens exploring her wild side and am telling you, after watching the full clip of this babe playing with her round juggs and poking that nicely shaved pussy I could honestly say that she’s ready to take a step higher with regards to entertaining her lucky fuck studs. Watch her get all sleazy in this video and you be the judge whether I am right saying how sexy and delicious this chick looks and how easy it is for her make anyone hard or I just got too much to drink.

Busty amateur hotties

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Another photo gallery for all our GF Melons fans out there. Today is a lucky one for you coz all the amateur big-tittied babes right here are sizzling hot and sexy, and they will surely make anyone freeze in their seats and get hooked looking at these busty sluts. Fantasizing about grabbing these huge breasts, squeezing them making these kinky girlfriends moan and squirm, and of course who wouldn’t want to do some hot crazy titty fucking, yeah? We got a variety of busty chicks right here and they all made an instant hot spot for all those who like feasting on huge tender juggs since, well, they all possess the nice round playthings we all so love. Photos of busty babes are all yours in this hot edition. Enjoy some sexy babes in their lingerie or simple tight tops and the rest are a bit more of a tease posing with no clothes at all. Yeah, I did tell you that we got a variety, right? I bet this post is the perfect gift for your titty cravings and you won’t regret checking out the full picture gallery right here. These amateur busty girlfriends are sure to give you a good time and would want you to visit them over and over and give you the pleasure you seek through these hot busty babes infected site.

Hot quickie with a naked busty babe

Monday, January 16th, 2012

This is what’s happening in, this is exactly what is so hot about it — all these videos our avid fans are sharing are super worth your precious time. Today we have this sizzling video of an amateur kinky babe getting a nice quickie from her horny boyfriend. They were just supposed to check something in the attic and be back as soon as they find the thing they were told to get but they’ve found something else to do as they spot a comfy place where they can fuck fast and good. So here they are making the most out of the 10 minutes they got lost in the attic for the most fun reason there is. Attics aren’t supposed to be this inviting but for some reason, these horny teens gave the more often than not creepy attics a reason to be visited once in a while. This sexy naked busty bitch surely knows how to have fun given the little time they have and top it off that they had the brightest idea of capturing everything in this video. They wanted to show how this horny slut work it and make all the other people here in GF Melons drool over her nice bouncy juggs. You can watch the full hot quickie right here and tell us if you want more and we’ll make sure to give you just that.

Gorgeous heavy-chested honey posing

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Welcome back to another hot GF Melons episode. We give you this sizzling photo collection of an amateur big-tittied babe, showing off her nice juggs through wearing her sexy lingeries to really enhance more the huge size of her delicious asset. of course we’re talking about her large breasts and that’s what you came here for, right? The sample pictures you see in this post are just like teasers to keep your blood pumpin’ and your interest in huge juicy melons intact. We preserve those fantasies in the picture collections you see here on and we make sure that each and every wild horny amateur busty girlfriend will give you the satisfaction you constantly crave for. This hot sleazy babe has got to be one of the sexiest busty chicks I’ve ever seen. Just look at those gigantic tits and tell me if you don’t feel like getting suffocated in between those fleshy part of this kinky babe. I imagined how hot it must look like dangling from her chest as I fuck her pussy from behind. And what more fun way to fuck someone using big breasts like these when you got the hardest boner in the room, eh? Oh well, you can think of whatever kinky stuff you want with this chick. Check out her entire photo selection right here and enjoy.

Busty chick goes topless in the kitchen

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Our featured amateur big-tittied babe today is one of those who likes doing kinky stuff in the kitchen. More often than not, we watch videos of wild bitches get down and dirty in the kitchen with their boyfriends or whoever they can find to have fun with or sometimes we watch videos of amateur girlfriends wearing nothing but their aprons and pretending to cook something on the oven and stuff like that but end up cooking a different kind of meal altogether. But today here on GF Melons, we got a different kind of show for you. This is a video of a busty teen being all sexy and sleazy in front of the webcam. She’s wearing her under garments coz she’s about to dress up for a cocktail party but since she still got hours to prepare, she made this video for her boyfriend who is just waiting for her in her bedroom for a hot quickie. This amateur busty honey sure knows how to make things extra spicy and I bet it’s not just gonna be a quick fuck when her boytoy watches this video with her round tits on his face. Yum. She didn’t keep her bra on coz it’s the entire point, to show off her big breasts and make us drool. Check out for more videos of amateur big-tittied bitches to fantasize about and jack off too. But be sure to watch this chick’s full video before tending to that throbbing cock in your hand.