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Webcam honey takes off her bra while dancing

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

GF Melons presents another steamy amateur big-tittied GF who will surely be in your favorites list of sexy bitches to jerk off to. This hot amateur chick loves teasing her boyfriends and fuck buddies alike and this is her very first take on recording herself on her webcam to show everyone else just how good she is in what she learned so far. She has been a fan of eversince one of her flings introduced this to her and our amateur honey right here had a great time admiring all the sexy girlfriends and their nice huge juggs too. No, she isn’t lesbian but she gets pretty excited seeing busty chicks like her coz she wanted to get that extra boost of confidence to show her assets as well. Oh, I almost forgot, she isn’t just a sexy busty cutie, she also has a nice firm round ass on her. If you think you can only get such complete package from scripted porn shows, well, you can get the same satisfaction from watching our videos here too. These amateurs are way more hot since you know that they’re still on the learning process of flaunting their bedroom skills and showing off their goodies in their own little ways. So now we all have the chance to watch this busty hottie tease us with her dance as she plays with her breasts a bit before taking her bra off to reveal all her tits’ glory. Enjoy this video and be sure to check back for more soon.

Sultry babe shows off her big round breasts

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

You’re back here on for another steamy edition of yet another flaming hot big-tittied amateur GF. We bring you this photo collection of one of the best busty chicks in this site and I bet that you will enjoy all her pictures because she’s totally rockin’ it. She just got it from cheering practice and a couple of strolls around the block on her skates and to wrap up the day, she decided to take an hour for herself just being the sexy and kinky babe that she is. She’s one of ’em busty girlfriends who simply like to flaunt what her gifts are and these photos will not fail to show us all what her assets are. Well, yeah, since GF Melons is all about sexy amateur busty chicks, that’s primarily what this sexy bitch has, big juggs. But that’s not all that she’s made of coz you will see how hot she is even if at times her nice round titties are all covered up, she still manages to make me hard coz she’s just a plain fuckin’ tease. You can see for yourself when you view the entire photo collection right here. Even in a hoodie, she looks fuckin’ hot especially that she’s got no bra on and she’s exposing her really nice and yummy cleavage right there. This is something that we’d all fantasize about, something worth the rough titty-fuckin’ spree.

Naked busty honey gets jizzed on

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Another sizzling GF Melons edition for all of you who are so eager to watch an amateur big-tittied chick get kinky. This is an extra special feature since you’re not just going to see big tits but you’ll watch this sleazy bitch get jizzed on as well. Sounds yummy, right? This hot sex scene started off with quite a long foreplay, as we were told, that eventually ended up in a very hot and wild cumshot. They weren’t expecting it to be this much of a blockbuster but since they’ve achieved something so unexpected, they were so ecstatic to share this video to all of us who like visiting Ok so, yeah, the foreplay isn’t in this video coz this horny bitch wanted to show us where the real action is and that’s the part where her pussy is getting fucked so hard, which caused her boyfriend’s dick to stiffen more and explode lotsa cum. The horny dude didn’t last lone enough coz he was already geared up after the foreplay and he just wanted to fuck this amateur chick up and give her all the sticky jizz that she asked for. This busty babe likes playing with her boyfriend’s cum and this is what you’ll see in the video, just watch the full clip right here. Enjoy watching this heavy-chested GF get stuffed in the cunt and see how she loves a hot cum explosion all over her breasts.

Fucking a busty cocksucking bitch

Monday, September 5th, 2011

GF Melons is back and you will be enjoying another flaming hot picture collection of one of our amateur big-tittied chicks. As always, you will be seeing a steamy bitchy girlfriend doing her favorite dirty deeds and this time, this particular horny honey had a hell fucking time getting banged by her boyfriend. As the title states, she’s one of ’em cocksucking sex kitties who simply takes pleasure giving wild blowjobs while she gets what she wants in return and that is to get her pussy fucked with a stiff cock. ¬†What can you say, we’re in total luck here coz we got it all in a complete package. This amateur GF is a natural born horny fuck who would do anything to please her fuck buddies and this time it ain’t no different (she says). The special part about the entire thing though is that this is her first time to share her sex scenes here on and she doesn’t regret a single thing. It was all part of a dare when guys she slept with dared her to show her fine full breasts in this site since she was all too excited to show off her knockers and boy did she give us more than they’ve expected. Now she has to get ready for some hardcore orgy when all these lucky bastards see what she did in this hot picture gallery. I bet they’re dying to get this horny chick cum-drenched all over her big boobies. Check out all her photos right here and prepare to play with that throbbing cock of yours.