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Naked busty babe masturbates and climaxes

Monday, August 29th, 2011

You’re back here on GF Melons just in time to watch a video of another amateur kinky big-tittied babe pleasing herself in front of the camera. Well, it’s not everyday that you get to watch a video of a busty bitch masturbating that’s why we feature that today because fans like yourself deserves nothing but the best wild and horny amateur girlfriends. The screenies suggest that you will definetly be having one hell of a time jacking off to this sleazy babe. She’s got quite a nice angle here, though not much focused on her pussy, we see the best view of her big tits from her top lying down. I hope what I said didn’t just confuse you, you know what I mean, just look at these screen shots. Story of this horny chick‘s quite simple but it doesn’t mean that she will make you any less horny just because you (probably) watch masturbating amateur girlfriends like this almost everyday. Of course we all get excited and horny each time we see any sexy wild chick fingering or dildoing her precious twat and it’s a huge plus if she has a nice pair of juggs too and this is what is all about. It’s not just breasts, but big breasts, and this sexy naked chick has what you all came here for. Watch this video as she plays with her cunt and eventually climaxes from too much excitement. Oh, and the plus fun part is watching her fine round breasts jiggle and wiggle and bounce as she fucks her moist pussy. Oh, ok, maybe that’s more fun for you than watching her masturbate, but hell, you got both in today’s video so there’s really no need to weigh which you’d like most to see. Better watch the full video here now to fully enjoy what this amateur busty babe has in store for you. Check back soon for more hot updates.

Busty girlfriends show their juggs

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

GF Melons is back again with this flaming hot edition of amateur heavy-chested chicks flaunting their nice fine racks. Most of them expose their fleshy mounds with their hands to cover them a little, you know, to be the slutty tease that they are. They wanted us to see their round boobs alright but they aren’t too naive to just give away every single bit of them in one seating. These photos show a bunch of hot and sexy amateur honeys always game (I hope) to show their goods and yeah, I said I hope because I hope too that this isn’t the first and only time that they will show their horny wild selves here in Well, we could make them do just that, encourage them to give us more, by taking interest in this first batch of their picture gallery. Who doesn’t want to see these anyway? Even if these busty honeys won’t go fully naked for us today, while a few of them already did, we know well that they are capable of doing just that on the next posts to come, eh? Given the intensity of the responses from all you fans out there, these big-tittied bitches will become a household favorite in no time. Ok enough with the talking. Now you got the chance to browse through the entire photo collection right here and enjoy looking at these sexy busty chicks. Be sure to check back for more of our sexy hotties because things could get better and better.

Petite chick gets her large breasts played with

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Now this is something new, well, at least for those noobs who happen to visit GF Melons for the first time and haven’t seen most of the sizzling hot goodies yet. This video is from an amateur babe who has one hell of an evening with her basketball player boyfriend who apparently likes to make bouncy balls out of her big breasts too. They were goofing around, telling stories about a recent win over some basketball game they had with another university when this slutty girlfriend took off her tank and started rubbing herself on her boyfriend’s cock. Her horny BF responded instantly by holding her close to him, with her ass directly over his now stiff dick and he started cupping and squeezing her huge pair of juggs. Good thing someone’s recording this kinky event with their video camera and this pervy chick was actually grateful coz now she is going to be a star. She enjoyed it so fuckin’ much when her wild boyfriend started dry humping her from behind and she just went with the flow and made her BF more horny by letting him watch her big titties bounce and jiggle. She knows how much he wants that and so they decided to share this video here at for us to watch. Check out the full clip right here and be sure to tell your friends about this so they could enjoy this amateur busty babe too.

Teen shows off her huge tits

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Today on GF Melons, we got a sexy amateur big-tittied babe posing in these pictures wearing her bikinis and favorite sexy tops. The kind of clothing that enhance her big breasts, which make her look more delicious. A lot of guys in their football team has been fantasizing about this hottie and most of them confessed how often they jack off in the showers after every game they play. Sure they are exhausted but seeing this GF jump up and down, while her tits bounce like mad with her every motion, cheering practice had never been this fun to watch. Yes, this sexy amateur bitch is one of ’em slutty babes who get all the attention just because they wear skimpy clothing as they strut their stuff on stage or on field, teasing every boner that happens to be standing like the Great Wall of China, waiting to be torn down. It’s a bonus that she’s busty and, well, lookin’ rather hot and dangerous so even if she doesn’t dance too well, I welcome her to just sit on my dick and grind her ass while I squeeze and suck on her huge breasts. Yeah, she doesn’t have to do much leg work, all she got to do is wiggle those funbags for me and I’ll do the rest. Bookmark to get updated of all kinds of amateur chicks who like showing off their boobies. But you’ve got to check this babe‘s photo collection first to get the ball rolling and your cum spurting.

Horny busty babe rides a boner

Monday, August 1st, 2011

You’re back here in GF Melons to see another steamy amateur big-tittied bitch, right? That’s, of course, exactly what you will be watching today. We have this naughty busty girlfriend who made a video with her fuck friend and though she’s quite “shy”, not wanting to show her face, she fucked this lucky dude’s boner without hesitation and with much energy. This wild bitch knows how to work it too, wiggling and jiggling her huge breasts while she fucks her friend’s throbbing cock. Yes, this is something we all look forward to watching, a hot sex with a busty naked bitch, that’s why I know you will enjoy looking at this naughty babe‘s big breasts bouncing like that. This chick and her fuck buddy right here agreed to submitting this video because they’ve been “inspired” to show the fans of their hot sexy time and since they need not show their faces, they don’t worry a single bit as to who in their families would recognize them. Yeah, like that will last long enough, eh? Ha! One of them would eventually come out mainly because they wanted to show more of their naughty side, by giving oral sex and whatever sexual acts that need to expose their identities. Now that’s another thing to look forward to. I’d like to see this babe’s big titties get drenched with jizz soon. For now watch the full video of this kinky busty bitch as she humps her friend’s throbbing cock.