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Group of busty amateur honeys

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Here is a new GF Melons edition for all you fans of amateur big-tittied babes out there. We got lucky having compiled all these photos for you today and the bitches in this post are even luckier coz they are now instant objects of our perverted desires. These girlfriends have been visiting for quite sometime now, admiring the other sexy naughty honeys that they see on every single picture. There are the straight, lesbians, and gay men who can’t keep their eyes off all these sexy busty GFs and now that they are one of them, flaunting their sexiness, they keep on shouting out how excited they are to share this with as much boob-crazed dude that they may happen to know. These busty babes don’t even have to try hard pleasing us since that’s the beauty of being amateurs. They can appear as simple as they are without the props and all those shitty stuff that would make them look like inflatable sex dolls, and still be so fucking delicious to look at and jack off to. I bet they’s love it when we tell them what to do, eh? You know, like squeeze their huge breasts for us and lick their nipples or put our dick in between those big tits and fuck away ’til we pour our jizz on them. Geez… I can already imagine how slippery it’ll be and that makes it even more exciting. I like watching these huge mounds bounce when I fuck a sleazy chick. But nothing beats trying to suck as much boob inside our mouths and play with their erect nipples while it touches the base of our tongue. Check out the entire photo gallery here and be sure to come back for more of our busty girlfriends.

Naked busty GF masturbating on cam

Monday, July 18th, 2011

GF Melons presents to you this kinky big-tittied babe playing with herself on cam. Sounds hot, huh? Well, she got really hot herself that’s why she got naked except for her black stockings and made this video while fingering her twat. She’s a bit shy though, given this really sizzling event that’s why we’d have to watch her without seeing her face. She wanted to keep some mystery right there to keep us more excited in imagining how she looks like or what kind of sleazy facial expressions she’s making while she enjoys finger-fucking her pussy. I always wanted to watch videos of kinky bitches and make sure to catch their reaction each time they’re at the peak of orgasm coz that’s the best part especially when they start to squirm and moan and scream with delight. This busty honey got a bit of twists by not showing her face and that’s awesome too and I bet she’ll be sending us more videos of herself while she masturbates or do any other naughty stuff with herself or with a partner when she finds out just how big the number of “fans” she got after showing this to the entire universe.  You too will be visiting again and will come back for more of these horny and wild busty girlfriends. But before anything else, better watch the full video of this busty babe right here and enjoy jacking off seeing her nice big tits and shaven cunt.

Busty chicks show off their large titties

Monday, July 11th, 2011

I see you’re back here in GF Melons and craving for more of our amateur heavy-chested chicks. Well, you’ve come at the right place and always at the right time because this another sizzling edition where you’ll find one hot photo gallery of different sexy busty girlfriends. Oh, and they’re not just in this exposure to show you their fine boobs coz some of them showed their nice juicy pussy too. Consider those pictures a bonus, stuff that will make you go back here and enjoy our wild amateur honeys. Most of these chicks like to selfshoot on their special time, their “me time”, and I might say that they did a great job with those side boob angles too. Sometimes, believe it or not, a nice view of someone’s huge breasts from the side gets me off really fast. I guess there’s just some odd jacking off preferences that we could consider every now and then or maybe try, eh? Oh, well, I can’t say that I’m not much of a boob person because saying that will defeat my own purpose for being here. Who doesn’t want big round breasts anyways?? Of course you want them, even that teen chick who lives right nextdoor wanted to have large tits when she grows older or “get some” in the future. So, anyway, point is, these pictures of our sexy amateur busty babes will give you a good time. Better bookmark now so you won’t miss a chance with our new updates and be sure to check the full photo gallery right here.

Gorgeous webcam babe shows her large boobs

Monday, July 4th, 2011

GF Melons has this sizzling edition for you today, it is a video of a really sexy amateur hottie who likes to make men horny, drive them wild and make them want her more. This kinky chick’s ultimate weapon, aside from her vavavoom body, her big breasts of course. These screenies are already showing you what to expect when you watch this video and you will enjoy this so much that you’ll be wishing all those amateur sleazy teens you get to see on webcams would look as hot as this bitch. See, this busty honey, the newest addition to our portal will summon tons of pervy dudes out there, which will make our site so famous that even your grandad will be visiting this too and will have one fucking time enjoying these big-tittied babes, assuming that he is still alive. I particularly like this heavy-chested girlfriend for her style with regards to teasing her horny viewers. Notice that most of the chicks on cam just stay in one place and do their thing? Well, this sexy curvy bitch wanted to show us just how sexy and wild she is by propping her cam where we’ll get a view of her bed and where she could lay down and do some more kinky stuff for us. She likes to squeeze her large breasts and show off her hot round ass. Lucky you for being here to watch the full video and do come back for more of these busty sex sirens to please you anytime.