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Chicks with nice huge tits

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 has been visited by yet another group of sizzling hot babes from across the state to give you this nice set of breasts-filled picture compilation. This is an instant favorite since I found myself sporting a woody the other day even by just visualizing how fucking delicious these tits look like while I was sprawled on my cum-stained, jizz-scented sheets. It sounds fucked up, eh? But, yeah, that’s how horny I get when faced with large pairs of racks where my dick can play like a spoiled brat left to enjoy a slippery slide at the park. These girls know their thing and they absolutely know how to flaunt their stuff.

The sample photos you are seeing now are just a taste of what you’ll see in this collection. Chicks expose their boobies in various ways but each style will leave you and your woody restless. Our featured heavy-chested bitches don’t just flash their goods coz most of them actually wanted you to fuck their tits and maybe pour your jizz on these mounds. Some like to show their breasts to chatmates on the web while some like to play extra kinky and get their white shirts wet to reveal a pair of fine round titties plus their stiff nips dying to be licked. You’ll find more of these hot and sexy bitches, waiting for you to grab their juggs and just have fun playing like you would water balloons. Just keep on visiting GF Melons for your daily dose of fine breasts and nips.

Busty bitch masturbates in the shower

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

This is one of ’em perfect days in the life of my best drinking buddy who lives just across the street. He and his big-tittied girlfriend became avid fans of GF Melons since that day I introduced it to them. I mean, obviously, this babe has the potential of becoming a household favorite. By that I mean, a favorite steamy hot item to jack off to. This horny pair has a wild background to them, waiting to be unleashed and so I gave the spotlight to them right here. They’ve filmed more than a dozen videos and this is their so-called debut masturbating video in the nude. Well, I have to put emphasis on that since they don’t always fuck around while they’re naked and it’s called dry humping but that’s a different story. Being a fan of has its perks and one is that you get to watch videos like this, where busty chicks do their thing and without any restrictions. In this particular video, this wild and horny bitch played with herself under the showers and since she’s into adventure and doing things extra special, she made sure to look extra slippery and wet by soaping up. If you’ve been to foam parties and enjoy such things, well, you will definitely enjoy this one too especially that this horny babe showed how she finger-fucks her twat and moan with pleasure. Masturbating under the showers is a stress-reliever and it has a double effect if you watch someone do it. Now it’s your turn to watch this hot video. Just click right here and enjoy.