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Group of chicks with giant boobies

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Ready for your huge titty feast? GF Melons has a new collection of chicks with your favorite large delicious racks up for grabs. These pictures of sizzling girlfriends will show you what you came here for and you can see what to expect based from the photos posted in this blog. Aren’t they huge or what?! And they’re fucking real too! One thing I like most about bitches who got giant breasts is when these milk juggs are incredibly real, yeah, like the ones we have for you today. I don’t want to tell you the third time but, yes, they are authentic and they won’t get deformed or fall off or bleed to a pulp when you fuck and play with them. I ought to know that these camwhoring busty girlfriends own the nicest pairs of racks coz I met most of them and they surprisingly let me touch their tits just so they can prove that they’re no fucked up posers. A few of them even got carried away and made me play with their twats for a minute or two. They took my hand and guided it on their mounds and asked me to rub their clit and insert at least two of my fingers in their cunt. Yeah, heaven, huh? As an added bonus, since they got carried away more, I took the liberty of sucking their large boobs and nibbled on their nips. But that’s as far as I can go coz I told them to submit more of their photos here on so I can have more of these hot kinky times with them soon and they agreed of course. Visit all of them here and check out the rest of the heavy-chested babes in town who are sure to give you a nice big boner.

Wild blowjob and titty fuck

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

I was just suggesting a sizzling titty fuck to a friend of mine when I saw this hot video of a cocksucking heavy-chested babechick]] sitting on the pile of CDs that I listen to everyday. Watching it made the light bulb in my head flicker and die coz I got so fucking horny that I spent the next few hours jacking off to it even before I can lend it to my pole-humping horny buddy. Uhmm… sorry, buddy. Anyway, GF Melons proudly presents its new addition to the already booming video collection of girlfriends doing their dirty deeds and showing it off for all of us to enjoy. This featured slutty busty GF got huge tits that could crush your woody if you don’t use them the right way. I mean, you can obviously see how large these racks are and I bet you’re already drooling now and wishing that it’s you and your boner with this wild chick. Yeah, I wish I was the one banging her boobies too. Who wouldn’t want this, eh? I will meet this bitch pretty soon coz I got into this stupid dare that will cost me 20 bucks if I don’t show up at my buddy’s doorstep with this chick around my arms. It’s sort of a punishment for me for being too fucking selfish, keeping this video to myself for at least a week, I think. And because it’s proven to make me hot and horny each time I watch it, pervs who constantly visit deserve to watch this video too, which they can enjoy anytime by just clicking here.

Bitch with huge tits in bath tub

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

GF Melons agrees that it will never look at an innocent rubber duck the same way again. Why? Because this naked big-tittied chick showed us how a supposedly naive kids’ bath toy could instantly turn into a perverted bitch’s ultimate bath time buddy. Unfortunately, that was off cam. This sex kitten wanted to save the best for the next posts. For now, let me show you these pictures of our featured busty girlfriend who is like other girls out there who spends too much time in the tub, doing a lot of things, ‘til they turn into gigantic prunes from being submerged in soap bubbles for too long. But this chick doesn’t just shave her legs and play with her huge breasts in the tub, she brought two buddies with her for that extra playful effect.

She says all she can do right now for us, since she won’t be showing us what she does to her little friends, is to tell us what she does to them. Well, if you think that she squeezes these lucky bastards like how she plays with her big juicy breasts while she sucks them like she does her fuck buddies’ balls and if you think that these yellow rubber dickies… err… duckies get to taste her cunt when she fucks herself with them, then you thought fucking right. I bet all you fans are now as frustrated as I am, imagining how this horny chick would look like doing all those things, eh? And I bet you wanted to see more photos of her doing her dirty deeds. I’m afraid you’d have to watch out for that so keep on checking back here so you won’t miss it!