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Masturbating babe exposing her big breasts

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

You’re back here on GF Melons and I’m happy to say that you will be needing a shitload of Kleenex. Bad part is, I can’t provide you any coz I’ve used up all my stock and even if I still have some left, you simply can’t have them. Anyway, that’s to be expected because today is huge tits day (and some) and you’re fuckin’ lucky coz I’ll be showing you this sizzling video. We got this naked babe with an awesome pair of racks and tasty shaven cunt. She’s bound to have a fan mail right after making this video and I got surprised that she got surprised when calls and emails came flooding her way, asking who the hell is she. Yeah, they were all asking because, as you can obviously see, she didn’t show her face in this video. But I assure you that she’s a hottie and not just some fucked up poser, pretending to be worthy of your cum explosions.

One of the girls I met some days ago got red in the face when she found out that I own the posts in her “favorite” site. She admitted to being sexually attracted to chicks like herself especially when they are heavy-chested just like her. She has this fantasy of literally swimming on top of busty bitches while their huge tits rub on each other and eventually make them so hot they could cum on each others faces. Oh, fuck. I want to see that here. This chick said that she almost rubbed her cunt on her PC screen when she watched this video. Well, you can’t blame her. I choked my cock and jizzed all over the place two times in less that 2 hours when I watched this big-tittied slut fuck her twat with her fingers. Damn. Visit here to watch the entire video so you’d have a better look on what we’re all crazy about now.

Busty naked hot chicks

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

GF Melons says that there’s no such thing as too huge but we’re not a fan of tits being saggy and looking fake. Well, there are a lot of babes with fake boobies especially the ones you find often in this industry but there are still a relative few who got nice boob jobs done on them, like you won’t even realize that they had it ‘til you get to feel the tits with your own hands. Then again, we pride ourselves here in with all the girlfriends with their curves and sultry looks and authentic juggs (well, almost always). Take these nice pictures as perfect examples of sexy girls flaunting their goods. These are the types we all go for, eh? I prefer breasts that could actually feel our touch, which leave these bitches moaning then panting for breath. It’s fucking nice to grab each firm peak and squeeze hard while we suck on the nipples, make them stiff and nibble on them a bit. I’ve met tons of different babes and of course not all of them are well-endowed but I’m fuckin’ happy that their sexual skills make up for the lack of racks. Believe it or not, I really don’t prefer the chick to always have huge tits. I just go for real bitches, with the real things attached to them, those ones who wanted to get titty-fucked by yours truly, and the fairytale story will end happily. You want your own happy titty heaven? Ok that was a stupid question. Pfft. Just click on this to get a taste of juicy tits and horny girls.