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Petite GF with firm tits and sexy ass

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

It’s yet another day in GF Melons paradise and I’m happy to announce that you will, yet again, have a fucking awesome time watching our video for today. This babe is sizzling in a lot of levels. Starting from her petite and slim body, to her nice ass, and of course her firm and round breasts — she’s got the entire package and there’s no way that you could possibly want more from this chick. Well, maybe you’d hope for some action here and though we might not give you that on this episode, you will see somethin’ else in this video that you haven’t seen elsewhere.

See how our girlfriend maintained her sexy body? A hint would be, she’s an athletic bitch who’s up for any game that will test her “endurance” and flexibility. I especially like her built coz this is the type of chick that you effortlessly carry and fuck while you’re standing. It’s like carrying a blow up doll with just a little amount of weight in it that you won’t even notice. don’t have those here, I mean, those fake things that will only cause you to itch in places you really don’t want getting affected. Hives while you fuck is not a good idea. So in this video, we want you to focus on tending to that boner while you imagine yourself drilling this sexy slut‘s cunt. Click here and watch how she displayed her nice breasts and naked toned physique.

Babes with big breasts

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

You’re back here on GF Melons and most probably in dire need of your daily dose of tits fix. No need to panic because I’m always equipped with what you want so all you have to do is sit back, get into your favorite position (wherever you may be), and relax. We got delicious pictures of the sexiest chicks who I happen to know and these girls own the juiciest pairs of boobies that can give you . I am this fortunate and I’m as generous too so you will enjoy what I have to show you today. I’ve got these photos of various gilrfriends showing their assets in every possible way. Some doesn’t even have to shout out about it for the simple reason that even when they’re wearing tops that cover their entire body, like a turtle neck for example, these kinky twin peaks would almost always find a way to take a peek and make us all drool and pant like dogs.

My girls here have a lot to show (well, even if they own just a pair of these yummy racks). Because by merely showing their titties to us, they don’t just make us horny by using those assets of theirs, of course they also possess those sultry looks and sexy bodies that could send our boners hitting bull’s eye. Oh, and by the way, rarely give you (or never) fakes coz nobody wants fake orgasms too, eh? We give you the real thing and we’d expect that you will really enjoy what you’re seeing. If you’re itchin’ to find out all about these heavy-chested sex kittens, you’re welcome to check them out all here. They’re hot and horny and ready for your visit. They are too eager to show you what they got.