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Busty bombshell strips naked

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I always drool when I see tits and most of the times, quite surprisingly, I don’t give a shit how small or huge they are – as long as they’re real and they’re attached on a woman’s chest. This day is no different than the rest because I’m positive that you’ll be needing a sponge to wipe that drool all over your face and crotch once you get to watch this steamy video of this hot bombshell, exposing her big racks. I know what tankinis are for, and they’re mainly for girls who got or think they got slightly fat tummies. You know, they wear these types of 2-piece suits to hide whatever’s bulging other that their delicious tits. But there’s more to this swimsuit when this chick used it in her video right here. I think it goes perfectly well with the way she moves and do her sexy moves. The suit makes her sexier, with her breasts filling up the topmost part like water balloons trapped under a swimming pool covered in a plastic sheet.

GF Melons has no doubt that this chick will make the cut and will be chosen to be featured sooner or later. What do you know, we already have her now! And it’s not because I like her effect on me, it’s actually the way that she attracts a lot of people who kept on hitting on and clicking on these video clips for more than four times in a day. Of course I include myself in the stat and I don’t deny playing with giant water balloons, which I greased and fuck with my stiff cock. They feel just like the real thing that I cum at least 2 seconds sooner than normal. Sheesh. Anyway, watch her tease you here and don’t make me say I told you so. Get your Kleenex boxes ready.

Naked busty chick sucks cock

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

This dude showed me these photos and he says he knows the chick in them. And since he knows too that my job is to expose these kinds of naughty girls, he didn’t think twice about visiting to check out how things are done in here. At first he hesitated about giving me this mouthwatering picture compilation coz he hasn’t asked permission from its owner but he wasn’t much surprised to get the go from this sizzling bitch when he told her that he’s going to make her famous. Coincidentally, this chick has been itching to be just like her girl friends who already had some few wild adventures on the net. So you need not get surprised with the photos that you’re to see here. Because at some point, her equally bitchy friends taught her beforehand on how she should suck a cock right, how to pose naked and really make us jack off. And I can fairly say that she pulled it off really nicely.

Her nice pair of racks won’t go unnoticed coz they do scream for your attention and they demand you to grab, fuck, and cum on them. Yes, sounds just about right. These are the exact things that we all wanted to do on breasts like these. Visit GF Melons often coz this isn’t going to be the first time you’ll read a story of a dream that came true. I expect to see more of this cocksucking big-tittied slut in the next episodes to come. And maybe she’d come up with a more juicy post, like her boobs getting cum-drenched after she gives a nice blow job or getting her bouncy boobs fucked by a huge cock and anything in between. Damn, I will keep an eye on this and you should watch out as well. You don’t wanna miss anything from this site.

Sexy babe with gorgeous tits and perfect ass

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I’ve seen hell lot of chicks with curves great for jacking off and fantasizing about but unfortunately some had at least one fake asset on them. Though sometimes that won’t matter much if all you want is to get over that horny feeling. And we can’t deny the fact that most of these cosmetic procedures turn out well, which we should all be grateful for. But today it’s going to be different and real here on GF Melons coz the sexy girlfriend in this hot video will show you that things are way way better when they’re real. See these screens? I’ll be damned if those firm mounds don’t make you horny in a snap and those round buns don’t add pleasurable pain to the already hurting boner. And it’s a plus too that this petite naughty chick looks so fine. It’s unbelievable how such innocent-looking girl could spell trouble once her clothes come off. And, damn, look at that hairy cunt, it’s almost as if it’s daring you to find some buried treasure underneath. And I really can’t blame you if you already started beating your meat now by merely looking at these video screens. I can only imagine how horny you’d get when you watch this bitch touch herself here.

She’s a fucking tease and I won’t take no for an answer if she’d refuse me to fuck her at this instant. Besides, girls like this one should get the attention that they’ve been begging for through these shits, right? They won’t expose themselves here in if they aren’t the typical slutty babes who won’t give a damn if they get gang fucked while walking down the street or while they’re sunbathing in some boring beach. Ok, now that you’re fully heated up, let this horny bitch help you get messy by watching her video here. I know you’ll come back for more so do get ready and practice your will to not cum easily so you can finish and enjoy the entire thing. We all know what that’s like so don’t screw this up. Ha!