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Hot chicks with large and nice boobies

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

It seems obvious, what we cater here on GF Melons. But I know that we always surprise you when we present piles and piles of steamy photos of chicks with the nicest pair of tits. By just looking at the four big-tittied chicks on this post, you can already feel that urge to fuck them real hard right between their huge racks. What more if you get to see the entire group here, eh? You think you can handle that kinky stray pet of yours and make it behave for at least with some minutes of interval, you know, to breathe after every successful cum? To be honest, I only have to take some quick glances at these piece of heaven coz I got hormones that shoot up way much faster than the speed of a bullet train. I don’t have to prove it right here, I have my witnesses and they’re very much reliable. I think I’ve had some fucking awesome time with at least three of the chicks here. That’s not a bad number considering that these hot and extremely naughty bitches play their games rough and tough. They’re not that easy, to put it bluntly.

A few trips here in could land you to one of the flats of any of these horny babes. Don’t get me wrong though, that’s not how I got in their booby traps (no pun intended). Like I said, they are not easy. Let me see you try get pass between those huge barriers before getting down and hitting the jackpot. Maybe you can give us your own collection of heavy-chested sluts when you’re done with them so we can all enjoy wanking our cocks and everyone’s happy. Don’t fail us now, we know you got some spare there. You know the drill, right? If you got it, even if it’s not yours, just flaunt it! Now get on with the show and start resuscitating that limpy meat.

Heavy-chested chick in a hardcore fuck session

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Welcome back to GF Melons! I see that you’re craving for some nice titties that could make you hard and horny and leave you breathless from too much meat beating. One of the nicest things about huge tits is the fact that they bounce crazy when you fuck a babe whose got them. And today in this sizzling video, you are about to watch this horny bitch ride her fuck buddy‘s cock like some sex-deprived teen who just got a taste of what sex is all about. It all started with the plan of just teasing her playmate but, as you can see, there’s much more action than meets the eye. This bitch fucks so wild that you’d think she can actually snap the throbbing cock in half by her rough banging. See those perfect pair of racks? You just want to grab them, squeeze them, pinch those perky nipples, and eventually stick your dick between them and fuck hard ’til you cum all over. If you’re loaded enough, you can save some of those sticky jizz for this naughty slut’s face. I’m pretty damn sure she’ll love that. And she won’t even mind you messing up her sexy lingerie if that sticky goo would drip all the way down to her breasts and knees.

The way she shows her wild side in this video, I don’t think you’d pass up a chance of visiting each time you log into the net whenever you feel horny and just wanted to do something about that naughty boner of yours. Watch all of the hot video clips here now and come back for more because we’ll not ran out of goodies and treats for you and your feisty companion.