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Various photos of sexy and busty babes

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

In this edition of GF Melons, you’ll get to enjoy a gallery of big-tittied chicks who are all so proud to show them off. Ranging from medium-sized tits up to a size that are unbelievably real. Yes, some of the girls in these photos own a pair of breasts too big, you’d actually think that they’re fake. But here in, we only keep what’s pleasing to the eyes, hot on the crotch, and most of all, we keep them real. Nothing beats a mound of firm round flesh bouncing in every angle each time you fuck the life out of its owner. See, am not a fan of grabbing on plastics, squeezing them, and cumming on them. I like these tits soft, warm, and to be more blunt about it — simply alive. Check this gallery out and drool over the different sizes and shapes of boobies that you’ll eventually fantasize about. I particularly like the ones that hang like water balloons or those that look like soft yet firm teardrops. I can imagine these delicious goodies choking my stiff dick or making them swing back and forth while their pussies get screwed from behind. You know how these beauties look when they hang loose, unsupported by anything, just enjoying the life of its own, right? From this selection, you’d see that we got all kinds of boobies that you can ever want. I’m not sure if you like small-sized tits but for me, as long as I know that the bitch can feel my hands and tongue on them, it’s fuckin’ fine. But, no, we don’t have anything like that here. So just jack off to the ones, the much bigger ones, we have right here. They’re all worth that screaming boner.

Busty cutie films self for her boyfriend

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

It’s always a nice thing, you know, to give your horny BF a treat of where you get to show your naughty self, thinking that it’s just the two of you who can watch it. Fun part comes in when young pairs get into a row and split and it’s almost always that the guy gets to share the supposedly private video to the entire world. Obviously this pair has seen a bad ending, reason why this steamy video made its way through the gates of I wonder which of the two submitted this or maybe somebody else did. Well, whichever way it is, I really don’t give a shit. All that matters is that this hot video is in my hands now and that I’m glad to share it to all of you who are, I bet a million bucks, in dire need of help in making those dicks stiff and I’d help you in keeping them that way for several hours. Watch this cutie tease you while she touches herself and seduce your horny senses. I apologize, I’m having a hell time concentrating coz of this slutty chick. She may appear to look like a little curvy here and there but there’s no mistaking that she’s a hottie. Maybe she got flooded with tons of indecent proposals and she accepted some of them that’s why her moron for a boyfriend trashed her just like that. Poor dude, he’s got no idea what great catch this bitch is. GF Melons is the perfect place for us who drool over tits but it’s awesome to know that there’s more to these chicks than just having huge racks. Check the rest of the big-tittied hotties here and prepare to get really hard and horny.