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Three sexy babes with huge tits

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

This is one of the extra special editions of GF Melons. As you can see (and read), it shows that we have three sexy chicks today who are all gifted with big breasts. We are not only giving you a big treat for showing you these bitches, but since we don’t just tease and leave your dicks and tongue hanging like a loose thread, we, of course, got sets and sets of photos of these delicious creatures that you can always view and fantasize about. But first, I want you to savor the three breathtaking sites on your screens right now. Why? Because these are just a tiny part of the bigger pictures that they have for you, which they are so willing to share and so proud to do so, I might add. One chick finds it fun whenever she shows off her nice pair of boobies, giving gentle pinches on its nips and squeezing them to give them more “volume”. The other busty babe is a bit more adventurous – sipping martini in a tub while caressing her tits. Fuckin’ yummy, right? I bet she’d stay afloat with that huge rack even if she passes out. Then last and definitely not the least, there’s the third big-tittied chick who likes to look cool and slick while displaying her goods. She camwhores a lot and that’s the main reason why we have her here. She’s into the emo thingy and that get-up makes her even more mysterious in a way and a lot more appealing. Photos like these will not just make your day but the high it gives you could last ’til night and the wee hours of the morn. You don’t want to miss the entire collection here. So when you need that tit fix, you just have to visit and enjoy swimming in a pile of milk jugs.

Petite hottie plays with her tits on the webcam

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Everybody wants huge tits. Men wanted to grab and squeeze these while women wanted to have boobs that would give them the curve.  Even women who are way past their prime dreams of owning a pair of large and, if possible still, firm and round boobs, which they can flaunt wherever eyes would admire them. I know of a number of this type of chicks who actually get their chests done and really be satisfied with how they’ll look like right after the procedure. And, boy, all I got to say is bless them all. They give hope to those who jack off to nothing but a plump pair of racks that would suffocate a hard cock between them. Or maybe grab hold of your breath too and leave you panting, should you shove your face on her chest. This hottie we have for today here in GF Melons got one of the most delicious-looking and firm as a juicy melon tits known to man. She doesn’t just look so hot and kinky, but she’s gifted with this gorgeous body that has these yummy twin peaks that plead for you to squeeze gently and nibble on. This video made me cum a couple of times already and because you love to visit, I’m more than excited to show you the entire video here, just click the link to view more. This slut made me want to just spend extra time using my webcam. I think I’d be expecting to see some more chicks this hot that would make me horny for hours.

Busty blonde hottie gets naked and naughty

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner, just a few more months and this busty chick will come running down the town with Santa and his huge cock…err…deer, to visit each and every one of you for some wild time. They won’t be bringing you gifts from a stinking sack but they’ll definitely shower you with other types of gifts that you won’t regret getting. These are photos of a steamy chick with large breasts that await your hands that would grab and squeeze them. She likes it when she dresses herself up in sexy outfits, revealing her perfect pair of titties. Of course she looks fucking nice too without clothes on – that’s actually the best part. GF Melons talks about all these sluts who are too damn proud of their assets and they are all piled up here. When they look extremely hot and delicious with or without clothes on and they carry these precious milk jugs really well, they automatically become one of the pride and joy of this site that you so love to visit. don’t run out of bitches to expose and this babe is just one of them who’s into dislaying her breasts through these photos that they take and generously share with us all. Check her out and feed those horny dicks some TLC before they decide to hump whatever hole it finds in front of you. Get a hold of that crazy boner while viewing this blonde busty bombshell and go back for more whenever you want to.