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Huge-tittied chick finger fucking her pussy

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

This chick has one of the most amazing body here in GF Melons. Not only does she have a pair of huge tits, she’s also gifted with curves, which makes me and my throbbing pet naughty. Good thing she’s as wild as the rest of the slutty chicks here, sharing what they have to the world. They’re the type we call blessings and all I can say now is bless them more to keep ’em cummin’! Ha! This video is going to drive you crazy as hell. I ought to know coz I’ve jacked off at least three times already watching this just today. She’s both a gift and curse, I tell you. She can make us so fucking horny and make us lose our minds on the process. She’s too hot and I really wished she could’ve at least shown us her face so we can torture ourselves even more. Talk about masochists, I think I’m beginning to be one. These naughty chicks really know how to control our raging hormones and yeah, maybe make us lose control too. Did I say that this sexy bitch is both a gift and a curse? Or do I have to remind you one more time? Or maybe you can just visit now to watch the entire video and check out the other busty girls we have for you. Click the link and let us show you around!

Curvy teen with really huge tits

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

GF Melons is all about breasts of all shapes and sizes – and sometimes, we stumble upon some weird-looking ones, which we still like to jack off to and fantasize about feeling and do just about anything kinky with. Today, we bring you this set of nice photos of a cute blonde teen with knockers the size of oversized melons – round, bouncy, and sometimes a little droopy. You can’t fight nature, that’s what gravity do and pairs of boobs like this would most likely benefit from what’s natural and real. Look at how huge they are! I can only imagine the trouble this chick goes through each time she tries on bras and gets inside her shirts. Man, that’s something to watch, eh? And that’s what is all about, a place to go and satisfy your craving for breasts to squeeze and fuck. Those are the two most favorite things I love to do with these especially whenever I get my stiff dick between them and just keep on humping ’til I cum all over the fucking place. View the rest of the photos here to feed your hungry appetite and savor a whole lot more by browsing through our vast collection of pairs upon pairs of boobies.