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Kinky babe in latex with giant breasts

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 got swamped with viewers when they saw this video of a kinky chick who owns a nice pair of tits in a, get this, latex suit! As you can see here, am not exaggerating in any way. This is so fucking awesome, really, to have someone so nasty play with themselves like wild porn stars while pleasing their partners. And because I find this rather unique, it gave my cock a new reason to stay hard for hours and hours. This hot pair of wild creatures surely know how to play and they make me really horny right now. I wouldn’t just watch these tits tease my senses and not just pinch the nipples. Looking at this makes my imagination run wild and I may have the stupid courage of ripping off the stupid latex and fuck this slut away. I’m not just going to play with boring nipples if there are way too big breasts where they are attached to. Who in their right minds would waste the bigger gifts, right?

Damn, I need a box Kleenex now. My dick is getting all excited and it wanted me to play with it ASAP. I don’t know how much more I can take and I just suggest you watch the full clip so you can enjoy the sensation too. It helps if you let your imagination run as wild as how my own does. Visit GF Melons now and get to see tons more of these juicy treats.

Sexy girlfriend shows off her giant tits

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 is filled with breasts of all shapes and sizes imaginable. And what we have here for you now is a set of photos of a sexy chick who has been gifted with a giant pair that you’d want to grab and fuck mercilessly. Tits like these make my cock extra stiff and make me awfully horny. Who doesn’t want these delicious goods that would make any guy drool? And maybe a couple of girls who find pairs of large round breasts yummy would be fantasizing of getting a tight hold of these and lick away. My favorite part, or parts, when I fuck bitches like this, is when I get to see them hang and swing each time I bang their pussies from behind. I love watching these breasts sway like huge water balloons, ready to pop when pinched hard. And one more thing that I really love doing with these is when I enclose my cock with their soft mounds and fuck fast and rough ’til I cum on them and make this slutty whore lick ’em off clean just like what she does with her tits and nips.

This pair is a perfect example of juicy GF Melons and we’re just more than glad they found their way here for all of us to enjoy. To get a hold of the entire photo collection, just click this link and prepare yourselves for a ride that will make you pant restlessly and make those dicks throb and cum for hours.