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Busty Asian double-penetrated by dildo and her boyfriend’s dick

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

GF Melons got thishot video of a big-tittied horny Asian slut who knows exactly what she wants — a dildo and her boyfriend’s dick inside her pussy and ass. First you can watch how she prepares her dildo by rubbing some sticky goo on it, which we call lubricants. Ok, this is not some school for the retard, but I have to tell you all the possible terms I can think of so you can ride on the same page with me. So, here she is, placing the damned vibrator on a friggin’ table and fucking away. And because her equally horny boyfriend is inside the room with her, waiting for his turn, he just can’t help but bang her ass while she humps the dildo. Isn’t this horny couple hot or what?

This is the kind of video that I’d watch over and over because I won’t tire of the kinkiness. It’ll definitely give me a stiff and painful boner – wanking off 2-3 times a day to the same video is not bad at all. It just means that it’s a fucking good stuff. It’s not rare here in, to get great finds like this, but this one is kinda unique in its own right. Better check out the entire video here and be prepared for something worth your sore hands, fingers, and cocks. And, oh, don’t forget a roll of tissue or maybe a box of Kleenex. You will need these bad.