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Pretty babe plays with her giant breasts

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Now that you’re back here in GF Melons, hoping to see your favorite bouncy peaks, we aren’t gonna disappoint you coz we got a new set of delicious titties just for those eyes, your clumsy hands – which wanted to squeeze these juicy melons – and your naughty tongue that wanted so bad to lick and eat our sluts’ healthy milk jugs. This video shows our pretty busty babe as she plays with her tits.

Don’t you ever wonder how these things grow this huge? Frankly, I don’t give a damn as to which steps in biology or anatomy created such hot wonders. All I care about is grabbing them, squeezing and fucking them with my merciless dick. Watch this hot video and drool over the perfectly round and firm breasts of our precious whore. Look at how horny she is, toying with her goodies like that. I swear if I saw her somewhere and she’s wearing this same slutty top, she will beg me to stop humping her sorry chest – in fucking public. And of course I’d only stop ’til she gets what she asked for. I would even cream her chest with my sweet jizz if that’ll wrap up the show. And since you came here to enjoy the full video, we’ll give you that if you click here now! will not ran out of filthy babes like this who loves to flaunt their stuff for you.

Hot teen with pink and delicious breasts

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Oohlala… Yes, this was my very reaction when I first saw the photos of this young slut who gave us the pleasure of jacking off thru these images of her heavenly fresh body. She obviously gets a kick out of showing off her pair of pink juicy boobies. She even scribbles on them for that extra, well, I don’t know… maybe she’s trying to be more slutty and I have to agree, it worked wonders! My then tipsy cock from last night’s Big Bang Orgy got electrocuted somehow and got hard in a snap! I’m telling you, this one’s such a hot sleazy chick that’s why GF Melons gave her a certified thumbs and boners up for being the whore that she is.

Those planes of pink nips are enough to cause your boxers to tear in half from that hard-on. But of course, the plump and bouncy tits are always a lot better when paired with peaks of flesh that you want to lick and give nasty little bites to. Well, what are you waiting for? Drooling for more? You just have to drag that piece of throbbing log with you to this site. Anyone who loves these milky healthy snacks should visit today to satisfy their cravings!

Naughty busty babe gives her boyfriend hot blow job

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Today on GF Melons, we got this pretty chick on video with her horny man doing sleazy things inside her room. She owns a pair of huge dangling boobies, which her green bra can’t really hold up and still! She’s one naughty girl — choking the cock between her breasts and caresses them — making it extra stiff and huge. She teases her already horny BF more by exposing her big tits and rubbing them on his tool. Then she sucks her man’s balls while licking and sucking his dick up and down. The nasty dude’s cock stood straight and steel-hard the entire time, a proof of how this pretty busty chick knows well how to get things done in a very kinky and fun way.

Of course you always want more and we in GF Melons give you what you fantasize about! We have the full video of this hot busty babe just for you. Just click here and we’ll make sure to bring those fantasies to life!