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Cute busty babe and her fuck buddy having sex and filming with their webcam

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

This cute and big-tittied brunette slut keeps looking at the webcam while she and her fuck buddy were getting down and dirty with each other.  She also sets up the cam and puts it on a better position to record their fucking.  She sure is one hell of a horny chick, huh?  She enjoys watching herself and her various sex buddies while they go at it.  And guess what?  We have a lot more of her movies over at GF Melons!  Meanwhile, check out the ones I’ve included in this post first.  If you liked what you saw, then head on over to the site and start downloading more!

This cutie sure knows how to have some kinky fun.  She shows off her nice boobs in front of the webcam and obviously shares their sex session with someone else.  She’s putting on a show for someone, maybe some other couple who are having sex too.  It could be a sex game they play with themselves.  Fucking while watching others fucking.  Damn, I want to join in on the fun!  Anyway, after a couple of positions, they end up missionary style.  Over all, this is a good webcam movie featuring an adventurous and very kinky couple.

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Creamy and busty Veronica goes bare-skinned and spreads her legs in bed

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

I’ve got another hot blonde bombshell for you in this post.  Check out Veronica, a beautiful babe from Texas, posing and spreading her shapely legs wide open for her boyfriend who was kind enough to send these images to Girlfriend Melons.  He’s proud of Veronica and he just wanted to share (or boast) what he’s been tapping into for the last few months.  This guy’s super lucky to have a pussy like that to come home to and cum into everyday.  Now let’s stop rambling and start checking out Veronica as she bares everything in this sensual photo shoot.  Click on the thumbs for more.

As most blondes are, Veronica is a fun-loving babe who loves to party.  From the pictures, you can see that she’s also game and willing to show off her sexy body.  Well, with a body like that, it’s no wonder she’s not shy to bare all for us!  Delicious jugs, smooth and creamy skin, hot pussy, long legs, and a tight butt, she’s got it all.  And for sure she has the libido to go along with her hot body.  I guess her boyfriend must be tapping that ass every chance he gets.  I would if I were him.

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Horny teen Sophie naked and showing off her big, luscious pair of funbags

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Sophie is one of those girls that are sure to make heads turn whenever she enters a room.  With big, firm breasts and a tight tummy, as well as a hot butt that will get every red-blooded male up on their toes, she sure is one gorgeous woman.  This teen hottie is also tanned enough that her skin looks so healthy and smooth unlike the pale chicks that we commonly see everywhere we look.  She’s got an aura about her that has undertones of sexuality that is sure to be picked up by everyone who sees or comes into contact with her.  Good thing she has this collection of naked photographs that she’s willing to share with us!  Check out the few samples I’ve included below.

Everyone in his right mind will agree with me that after seeing her images, one is left with a feeling of lust and longing that needs to be released immediately (if you know what I mean).  She has the ability and the skill to make every pose a sensual and expressive one.  Just check out her picture where she’s grabbing her jugs and licking her lips at the same time.  Now if that’s not enough to make you hard then you’re one impotent dude.  Damn, I would love to run my hands all over her body!  This brunette teen has me panting with desire in no time at all!

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Big-tittied brunette teen self-shooting while getting fucked in her bedroom

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

With the advent of today’s high-tech digital cameras and camera phones, babes like the brunette teen in this post have been flooding the net with erotic self-shots.  There’s no need to develop the film so amateur pictures are getting wilder and hotter than before.  Just plug in the cam to your computer and voila!  Instant amateur porn photos.  This post features one such porn shoot done by two horny amateurs just having fun one afternoon.

The teen hottie in this post has big tits that look really yummy and I envy the dude she’s with in the photos.  As usual for GFMelons, this chick has smooth and fleshy titties that just beg to be fondled, which the guy certainly did.  He even gave her a cumbath right on her yummy melons.  Look at the pictures to get an idea of what these two horndogs went through that day.  She’s a real cutie and her pussy gets so wet while being dicked by this guy, too.  I can just imagine her screaming loud as she gets banged hard by her boyfriend.  And it’s so easy to imagine her tits bouncing around while they fuck all afternoon long.  No wonder she got a huge cum load on her tits after everything they did.  All I can say is, this teen is such a hottie and she certainly knows how to please her guy.

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Naked blonde May modeling her boobies and toweling herself in the bathroom

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

I don’t know about you, but I have this fetish watching sweeties go about their daily cleaning habits.  There’s something so hot and sexy about them as they run their hands all over themselves as they soap and scrub.  Even the way they towel themselves dry is yummy.  In this post, I’ll share with you one hot blonde named May who was willing and game enough to allow herself to be filmed while she scrubs herself all over in the bathroom.  Check out the free video clips below and see just how hot she really is.

May has this nice body from working out at the gym whenever possible.  And her tits are so delicious and smooth that I just about went mad with desire the first time I saw these videos.  She makes cleaning up such a seductive sight, don’t you agree?  When she runs her hands over her snatch like that my pole starts straining against my pants.  She’s one amateur babe who definitely knows how to make a man want her.  If I ever get the chance to meet her I’ll try to seduce her to my bed in seconds.  Well, I should be so lucky.  No way is she gonna hook up with a loser like me.  So I’ll just make do with what I’ve got and that’s her videos right here.  There’s no law saying I can’t admire this blonde babe through her videos right?  It’s not like I’m actually stalking her and creeping her out.

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A picture collection of busty teen tramps posing naked

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

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Pretty Euro chick strips and spreads in front of the camera

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Sometimes, a bit of Euro trash can do the trick for a horny and kinky man.  Fuck, almost all the time a horny guy sees some hot blonde parading in the buff, he gets off.  Easy as pie.  There’s something about slutty blonde babes showing off what they got that makes me and other men weak and throbbing with desire.  Just check out this Euro babe and see if you belong to our group.  Click on the thumbs below to admire her juicy globes to the fullest and view them as long as you like.

She’s really something, eh?  Nice funbags, smooth skin, pretty face, and a shaved pussy that just begs to be licked.  A hot girl like her won’t stay unnoticed for long.  Not with a horde of sex-crazed, horny motherfuckers like us on the prowl for some nookie.  She has really nice-looking tits.  They look so soft and smooth to the touch that I want to catch a flight to Europe as soon as possible.  And I heard that these Euro chicks like getting down and dirty while having sex.  Just imagine if this goddess is game for anything!  That would be one of my fantasies realized in just one chick!  A blonde, statuesque hottie with a sexy accent and a body to die for willing to do anything I want.  Man, I’ll let my imagination take care of the rest.

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Slutty amateur babes with nice jugs fucked hard by horndogs

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

There are different preferences for fuck partners the world over.  Some like them mature and experienced while others like them young and fresh.  Some like slim chicks while others prefer fucking fleshy ones.  The same can be said about those who want tall chicks as opposed to the ones who like petite and cute girls.  Then there are those who love having sex with flat-chested women and those who like big racks.  I belong to the latter group.  I have nothing against those who like flat-chested women.  Everyone’s entitled to their own likes and dislikes.  But in this post, I’ll try to express why I just love big-tittied babes.

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Gorgeous Latina amateurs displaying their voluptuous bodies and big titties

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Latina women are famous for their voluptuous bodies and yummy, luscious lips.  Men from all over the world lust after these Latinas simply because they exude sexuality from their very pores.  Hot Latina celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek have made it huge in Hollywood and worked together to bring discrimination to a halt.  They have made it possible for Latina women worldwide to be recognized not just for their good looks but also for their talents.  At GFMelons, we’ll show you a kinky side to these Latina chicks that will surely make you cum and then come back for more!

I’ve said before that Latinas are known for being voluptuous.  The sexy mamasitas I’ve included in this post all have juicy melons that are ripe for the picking.  Add to that their dark, exotic complexions and you’ve got a smoking-hot woman!  We just can’t deny the fact that these women are among the hottest in the planet.  Almost all the top supermodels today come from Brazil, where you will be surprised at the statuesque beauty and hot figures of these young women.  A lot of Miss Universe winners are from Venezuela, where they put beauty and brains at a high consideration for women.  They even have schools whose primary function is to train potential winners of beauty pageants all over the world!  I only have one comment on that: Latina women deserve to be crowned as some of the most gorgeous creatures on Earth.

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Cute and sexy teen showing her perfect tits and posing for her webcam partner

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

I’m sure you know about webcams and live shows right?  Assuming that you don’t, let me explain and demonstrate what a good webcam show is.  I have included a webcam vid featuring a beautiful teen [honey|sweetie|chick|babe]] in this post.  You can check out the clips below for your reference as we explore the world of kinky webcam shows at Girlfriend Melons.

She’s really hot, and she has the hottest teen boobies I’ve seen in years.  I’ve seen a lot of good shit while surfing the net for porn.  But this teen babe blew my mind away the minute I saw her.  She made me realize that a there are thousands of ravishing amateurs out there, waiting for their big break in this industry, although some of them don’t really care a rat’s ass at all.  They’re in it for the ride.  Most are just amateurs having fun with the camera and wanting to show off their delicious bods for the boyfriend or the hubby.  But these photographs and vidclips usually end up on the Internet for OUR pleasure.  Just like this babe posing and chatting with her boyfriend using her personal webcam.  Little did she know that she’s going to be porn fodder for all you horny bastards.  I just love today’s technology and what we can do with it!

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